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yes this is early -- I usually reserve this for March 24th but The Wild Granny may not be around then so you're getting it early

For those of you who have successfully quit smoking recently I applaud you. I'd name names but I'd miss someone. Just know I am so very proud of all of you. It's tough. Double tough. I know --- I quit March 24, 2002 and haven't looked back since.

For those of you who still choose to smoke, I feel honorbound by our friendship/acquaintance to let you know what you're in for: COPD, Emphysema, Lung Cancer.

I know first hand about COPD. I lost my grandfather's brother that way. I cared for other geriatrics who met their end through COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), we lost [ profile] pyllgrum's mother that way.

We are losing The Wild Granny from COPD and Emphysema (and other complications).

It's a sad horrible death. Eventually your lungs cannot bring in enough oxygen to sustain your body. At this point you face either basic suffocation or congestive heart failure or other non-wonderful deaths. The saddest point is the torture of struggling to breathe and not being able to.

Every day you don't smoke lessens your risk.

I don't ever discount how hard it is to quit. It's a real bitch. However it's much easier to quit than to face the end of your life attached to an oxygen bottle struggling for every.single.breath.

OK - y'all are safe til next year.......
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