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Well for better or worse we finally got a diagnosis:

Primary lung cancer with mestatsis (yeah I spelled THAT wrong) to the lymph nodes. Suspected mets to other areas ... they're ordering a PET scan for that.

I bet this is what the pulmonologist suspected but didn't want to tell me without proof. This would probably be why she suggested hospice when everyone else was going WTF????

Needless to say The Wild Granny ain't handling this too well. I actually suspected cancer in some form or fashion because even her best tissy fit induced not eating spells can't hold up under the offer of candy. There's a FULL Whitman's Sampler that's been around since before Valentine's Day. Around Ma they usually don't last 3 days let alone 2 weeks. True, piss her off and she won't eat (and she was pretty ticked) but this? I pulled out all the stops and it didn't help. That rang some warning bells.

Of course this diagnosis changes things greatly. If she chooses to come home she can and I'll set her up in the living room with whatever amenities we can fit down here. It wouldn't work for long term but ... well this definitely isn't long term. For anyone who might be wondering 1) yeah I can keep from screaming at her ... promise and 2) I was trained as a CNA, CRA, CMA and who the hell remembers the other bullshit letters that say I did direct care for the elderly ---- for years. I just never planned to have to do it for Ma. That doesn't mean I can't though. I'll also check into hospice services and home health care --- providing she makes it home (no I'm not exaggerating).

I'll cry later. For now I plan and plan and plan ... and plan some more.

Oh - I closed this for comments for y'all. What does one say? That sucks? I'm sorry? Guys I know you're all there for me ... really I do. Plus y'all know how to reach me if there's something I'm not thinking about that you know. I'm still dragging the non-protesting [ profile] pyllgrum to the Privateer Feast because I think by then I'll need to be out amongst you guys.

...and I'll collect on each and every hug promised and you can take that to the bank :)


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