May. 3rd, 2011

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So the long awaited announcement was finally made: what price increases would we see at MDRF.

Per the MDRF Website:

Ticket Prices and Group Sales for 2011
At the Gate &

Also Available Online Beginning June 1

Groups (20-99) Groups (100+)
Adults (16-61) $19.00
2-Day Pass $28.00

Fairever Pass

9 Day Subscription - $81.00
6 Day Subscription - $60.00

Wow - what a price jump. It actually works well for us doing the 6 day pass. I feel sorry for the people who were planning on going every day - I say planning because I know a few will look at the cost and think maybe not.

I wonder what the thought process is though. The economy is still not great, gas prices are really high, and to see a $40.00 jump in faireever passes is odd. Mayhaps Caroline is hoping to weed out the regulars and bring in fresh blood? Mayhaps it's a way to keep the attendance down? Or maybe prices have just went up that much.

I can't complain since we were planning on curtailing our faire attendance anyway. We're doing the 6 day. Without themed days, other than Labor Day weekend, it will probably be more to the end of faire. I am concerned about other prices jumping 50%. Then again, mayhaps they wish for more bang for their buck.

Still for us - from a purely cost/benefit analysis - I think faire is coming to a sad end. It's too hard to get around. Prices are becoming outside of our means. I'm not fond of the newer music (however, at least now I can hear Barleyjuice). And the main reason to go - to see friends - may be going by the same wayside. I've read more than a few that will now be cutting down to 6 days or 9 days - no not in protest of Hack and Slash or The Rogues but rather because they simply cannot afford it anymore.

Sad. But all things come to an end. All things change and evolve.
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Been a while since I updated this.  Since then, we've been trying to be more conscious about our shopping habits.

Enter Weis

Our local Weis out on Rt. 1 used to be a bit shabby.  Well more than a bit shabby - shabby enough we quit going.  However, with grocery prices skyrocketing, we thought we'd give it another shot.

Glad we did.

Our savings over Safeway is about $25.00/week and over Giant it is closer to $40.00/wk.  That is without coupons.

Granted some of this is being more conscious of our buying habits but still quite a savings.  Plus I do like their selection.  They don't have the southern foods that I'm so fond of, but I'll get over it.

Worth the drive each week.
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Where do you get to the point where you will sacrifice your own personal opinions for the siren song of a fast buck?  Where saving money becomes more important than your personal viewpoints of the company?

Sadly I hit that this weekend.  I caved a shopped at Wal Mart.  OK it was Wal Mart dot Com but still ... it was WalMart.

I don't mind discount.  Nothing gives me the warm fuzzies faster than a good bargain.  However, WalMart's business practises have given me pause over recent years.  That coupled with the fact that our local store is an absolute dive (ok - I've seen dive bars cleaner - just sayin) and I quit shopping there.

Years passed.  My sports bras died.  My favorite Hanes capris (think yoga pants) died.

So I sucked it up and hit walmart dot com.  JUST for a couple of sets of capris and a couple of sports bras.

$50.00 later .............

I had 3 shelf-bra tanks, 3 sports bras and 3 pairs of capris.

I felt like I sold a piece of my soul for that mustard tank top though.  Did I need it?  not really.  Was it too cheap to pass up?


Lord help me when my favorite loafers die.  They were wal mart specials as well ..........


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