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::sigh::  so ok I'll post it on here and cross post.

Please remember that what I post on dreamwidth is public.   Just a caution and warning as it were.

So - my Keurig.  LOVE my new Keurig.  Don't love the price of the cups so we ordered the refillable ones from Amazon.  It's fast, easy, not difficult to use, and most importantly - EASY for Jon to use.

Found out WTF was up with me and bare escentuals.  Yes I first tried the knock off brand and it made my face red and very dry.  Tried the good brand and still same effect.  hmmmm.  So a friend of mine sells Mark and I tried their cream to powder mineral makeup.

You know where this is going right?  Yep - apparently it's the minerals.  whooopppeeeee.  This from a Covergirl wearer since 1979 and Noxema user since a couple of years ago when my facialist chewed me out because it was too harsh for my skin.  Back to the covergirl make up though I guess.

I get to train my newest boss today.  Insert blank look here.  At least maybe I'll have a backup for when I might want to take - oh I don't know - more than 2 days off at a time?

Still waffling on the tickets for MDRF.  I should just order the 9 day and be done with it I guess.  We have one wedding for certain to attend.  It makes me glad we didn't do the vow renewal we were going to.  Jon and I know we've been together almost 10 years (10 years in October) so I guess it's just vainglorious to blow our own trumpets.  heh  Blow.  heh

Catch y'all on the flipside.


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