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Somehow this made me think of you ;)

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ahhhh life's simple pleasures.

swiped from [ profile] queenmaggie

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Yes ok so I lean a little toward the paranoid part --- do you think that means something? ;)
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Like I could pass THIS one up?

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Since this does not directly apply to me anymore I hesitate to voice an opinion. I will say the 'previous' smoker in me cried FOUL and of course I have to wonder if this will make road rage any worse (I killed him because I wanted a cigarette but I'm taking the cub scout to a den meeting?). I also have major issues with our civil liberties (if I'm addressing the right arena) being infringed upon.

Thoughts? Anyone?
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No I won't be at faire this weekend. The multiple tests they did on Mom supposedly showed a previous series of small strokes. I haven't been able to speak to the Dr. yet and Mom sometimes misses things so hopefully I'll know more later today.

She isn't paralyzed or anything like that. Currently she just has some left side weakness in her arm and leg. Obviously faire season is out for her this year and I'll start checking in advance about renting a scooter for her next year (yeah I can just see her driving THAT after a few ciders LOL). It's a shame to have her miss something she loves so much

They're letting her loose today and when I left her last night (after errand #3) she was bitching she couldn't go grocery shopping and couldn't go to Walmart today and of course that she couldn't go to faire either. Yeah that's The Wild Granny. Oh and [ profile] mistressfetch: Mom said have a cider for her (at least one) and she owes you a hug and a story swap over snake charmin Pentacostal Mothers (or Grandmas in her case). She also said to tell [ profile] marybrenna thanks for helping pass the word around. Maybe after faire season we'll have to do a get together at Piratz or something :)

Thanks for the good thoughts everyone. I think this was just more of a scare but frankly she needed to be more stabalized (in regards to her blood pressure) for a long time. Maybe this woke her doctor up as well.
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Happy Birthday [ profile] pyllgrum

May this day bring you more joy than the one before :)

I love you darling !
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if I ever forgive yahoo I'll repost this over there. don't hold your breath though

First off this is not a blatant suck up attempt. I save my suck up efforts for the ever lovely (and courteous) Madame [ profile] sweetpea86 and her magic clavicles. You ROCK m'dear.

Ok on to the point of this (of which there is one somewhere ... I promise). For the first time in the 5 years I've been going to faire festival, I watched [ profile] thatliardiego's show. Yes I have made no bones over the fact that I go to faire festival pretty much strictly for the music. I've not seen Johnny Fox, Hack and Slash (cept from a distance) and will only go out of my way to see Puke and Snot. Heck I flirt with O unmercifuly (hey if you can't flirt with a mime ....) but I usually only watch his show once every couple of years. Music has always been my first, best love from faire - even more than beer (shocking ain't it?)

Having said that - I found myself so very pleasantly surprised at how much I frickin laughed Sunday at Dinty the Moor (which btw I just caught the pun on Sunday - yes I'm slow like that). It's a funny show. I like subtle humour - the type that makes you go 'he didn't really really say that did he?' and I love watching the audience be fucked with involved. The bit with the rope was priceless.

Thank you [ profile] thatliardiego for such a pleasant surprise and some much needed giggles.
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Barring illness, injury, or change in the weather The Wild Granny (aka Mom) will be attending faire festival this Sunday.

I figure we'll do what we did last year (courtesy of our lovely Captain [ profile] jingle_chelle) and just camp at the White Hart until Ma wears out. Anyone who wants to come by and say hi she really does miss you all so very much - especially the ones she missed last year *cough[ profile] mistressfetchcough*.

Now here's a question for the masses - if you have a faireever pass can you go in the regular gate? Mom doesn't have one because it's always a toss-up if she can go and then how often but we have them.

Meanwhile, see you then :)
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RIP Luciano Pavarotti. You were such a part of my early entre into the world of opera.

The world has lost a voice that will continue to sing, if only in our memories.
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Show of hands:

Have you?

1) Washed and fed** your mug?
2) Chosen your opening day attire
--changed your mind at least once?
3) Dusted off your leather?
4) Decided what purchases MUST be made this year?
--or-- finished making your garb?
5) Cleaned your shoes/boots?
6) Found all of your pins, jewelry, favors, and other accoutrements?
7) Heard the commercial on the radio?
8) Thought of something I don't have on the list? LOL

**yes fed - as in cider, mead, ale, wine, or other beverages of your choice.
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About 5 weeks ago we had two visitors come to the house to stay - Jake and Essie.

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I walked outside this morning to a lovely soaking rain.

Then I look down the street and remember the back windows are out in my jeep.

At least the top is up ......
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oh noes sad cookie cat )
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[EDIT:  I just noticed I spelled recommendations wrong in the header.  Is this Monday?  Did I miss something?]

I am in desperate need of a new hair salon/stylist.  I thought I had a good one but the last time I couldn't see her (why I don't know - she wasn't working at the moment) and another person there burtchered my bangs - as in it will probably take another 3 months for them to partially grow out right.

Does anyone have someone/some place they might recommend in the Laurel general area?  say 20 mile radius?  I desperately need to get my hair trimmed before faire LOL

Thanks !
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Hello?  didn't I leave this shit back in Kansas?

They've evacuated The Mall

Tornado Warning Howard County.

Tornado Warning Fairfax County - actually it's nice to know I've not lost my touch because I spotted the developing 'hook' on radar before they announced it.  Yes it's a skill I wish I didn't have - and never needed to use again.

On the less funny but equally strange note - it's amazing how the body goes IMMEDIATELY back into survivor mode.  'The humidity is lifting'  'Isn't that a hook?'  'Did you see that?'  'oooo my ears popped'. 'If one drops it will probably move due east. for a bit.' 

Oh how I wish my body didn't still instinctively remember the signs of a severe storm - often before I even realize that is what it is.  Why is it I can figure out which way is north when it storms?

I thought I was still a proud member of the directionally challenged.  I guess that's only during good weather eh?

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First of all - none of my family lives in Coffeyville (unless they moved) and they're all pretty much ok in Winfield, Arkansas City, and Wellington.  Waterlogged but not flooded out.

From CNN  

COFFEYVILLE, Kansas (AP) -- The flood is bad enough, engulfing homes to the rooftops and turning neighborhoods into floating junkyards of children's toys and family heirlooms.

But the floodwaters here also carry some of the 42,000 gallons of crude oil that spilled from the Coffeyville Resources refinery on Sunday, coating everything they touch with a slimy, smelly layer of goo.

"My question is how are they going to get all that oil out of the environment," said Mary Burge, a heart surgery patient who was forced to breathe from her portable oxygen tank. The petroleum odor Monday was so strong it could be detected from helicopters passing overhead.

The oil spill, caused by a malfunction while the refinery was shutting down in advance of the flooding, has concerned federal and state officials as they monitor the slick's progress down the Verdigris River toward drinking water sources and recreation areas in Oklahoma. 

It also presents another hurdle to Coffeyville leaders as they map out long-term flood recovery efforts that now must deal with the toxic sludge.

----and it continues if you follow the link

This is very sad.  Granted that area of the country isn't as well known as many others and it doesn't have the money as many places -- but Coffeyville is also home to the bank The Dalton Gang attempted to rob which lead to their final shootout.  I wonder if the bank is under water?  Doubtful as it  is in a different area of town but still ....

In the path of this stuff are small farming communities - most of which don't show up on the map unless you know where to look.  Heck I can't even remember all of them.  All I can think is thank goodness its east of Chatauqua and Shidler and Kaw City and Fairfax and Pawhuska - names that will mean nothing to anyone not from that area.

With the icestorm 6 years ago, the storms, the drought, and now the floods I have to wonder what is happening to that area?

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No really this isn't a pun - why can't people write where an an average person can read it?  I know they beat penmanship into our heads in school.  If it couldn't be read, it couldn't be graded.

Now?  I have people filling out job applications and I can't read the addresses.  Looking on the Driver's License is no help because 90% of the time that address is incorrect (or they don't have a DL they have a resident alien card).  

No this isn't about the Hispanics - I can at least READ their phoenetic spellings and can usually figure out where they mean (Birgena has to be the funniest though.  btw that translated into Virginia).  If I literally cannot read the writing HTF am I supposed to mail a check?

I know that is my biggest concern upon starting a new job - well not offending the boss by flipping him off in traffic is another concern (a story for another time folks) but making certain they know where to mail my freakin $$$$$.  C'mon folks.  Yes my son is one of the worst.

What is this world coming to when materialism isn't enough of a motivator to make sure it's correct and legible?
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Bomb Squad Investigates 4 Suspicious Packages Near L'Enfant

POSTED: 1:12 pm EDT May 31, 2007
UPDATED: 1:46 pm EDT May 31, 2007

WASHINGTON -- Authorities said they are investigating four suspicious packages near the U.S. Department of Energy in southwest D.C., News4's Keith Garvin reported.

Bomb-sniffing dogs and the bomb squad are at the scene near L'Enfant Plaza. Independence Avenue is closed between Ninth and 10th streets.

Some buildings in the area have been evacuated.

According to Metro, the Seventh and D streets entrance to the L'Enfant station is closed.

[EDIT: Apparently it was nothing but a pain - sort of like trying to post, edit or delete in live journal today eh?
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I hope you both (singularly and plural LOL) have wonderful birthdays and may you get all the happiness you deserve.


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