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Where do you get to the point where you will sacrifice your own personal opinions for the siren song of a fast buck?  Where saving money becomes more important than your personal viewpoints of the company?

Sadly I hit that this weekend.  I caved a shopped at Wal Mart.  OK it was Wal Mart dot Com but still ... it was WalMart.

I don't mind discount.  Nothing gives me the warm fuzzies faster than a good bargain.  However, WalMart's business practises have given me pause over recent years.  That coupled with the fact that our local store is an absolute dive (ok - I've seen dive bars cleaner - just sayin) and I quit shopping there.

Years passed.  My sports bras died.  My favorite Hanes capris (think yoga pants) died.

So I sucked it up and hit walmart dot com.  JUST for a couple of sets of capris and a couple of sports bras.

$50.00 later .............

I had 3 shelf-bra tanks, 3 sports bras and 3 pairs of capris.

I felt like I sold a piece of my soul for that mustard tank top though.  Did I need it?  not really.  Was it too cheap to pass up?


Lord help me when my favorite loafers die.  They were wal mart specials as well ..........
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Been a while since I updated this.  Since then, we've been trying to be more conscious about our shopping habits.

Enter Weis

Our local Weis out on Rt. 1 used to be a bit shabby.  Well more than a bit shabby - shabby enough we quit going.  However, with grocery prices skyrocketing, we thought we'd give it another shot.

Glad we did.

Our savings over Safeway is about $25.00/week and over Giant it is closer to $40.00/wk.  That is without coupons.

Granted some of this is being more conscious of our buying habits but still quite a savings.  Plus I do like their selection.  They don't have the southern foods that I'm so fond of, but I'll get over it.

Worth the drive each week.
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Upon approaching my upper forty-somethinged year, I looked around and decided there was just too much junk that I neither used nor with which I was pleased. However, subscribing to the thought that if you didn't write it down it didn't happen, often I didn't write it down so I'd forget.

Lather Rinse Repeat.

This is simply my opinions on everything from books I've read to the horrors of shopping (which I loathe with a passion) to bad customer service. Good, bad, right, wrong, it will be exposed for what I think.

This is public.

If it's found it's found.
If it's read it's read.

Simple and easy to remember, unlike some of my better ideas.


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