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I know it will get easier.

I'm over the anger
I'm over the guilt (mostly)
I'm getting over the 'fragile' feeling
I'm slowly getting over the 'hollow' feeling.

Mostly now I'm just sad.

Such an underrated little word to explain such a profound feeling.


I know it will get easier with time.
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Early this afternoon, The Wild Granny parted ways with this plane of existence.

Last night she was taken to ER in respiratory distress. She never regained consciousness. As hard as it was to do (and it was) [ profile] pyllgrum and I respected her wishes and she was just made comfortable (with us by her side) until she finally passed.

As per her request, creamation will be effected (affected? bloody hell like I can think grammar NOW?) and no services are being held.

Please know she loved all of you so very much.
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for those who are playing at home ... )
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yes this is early -- I usually reserve this for March 24th but The Wild Granny may not be around then so you're getting it early

For those of you who have successfully quit smoking recently I applaud you. I'd name names but I'd miss someone. Just know I am so very proud of all of you. It's tough. Double tough. I know --- I quit March 24, 2002 and haven't looked back since.

For those of you who still choose to smoke, I feel honorbound by our friendship/acquaintance to let you know what you're in for: COPD, Emphysema, Lung Cancer.

I know first hand about COPD. I lost my grandfather's brother that way. I cared for other geriatrics who met their end through COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), we lost [ profile] pyllgrum's mother that way.

We are losing The Wild Granny from COPD and Emphysema (and other complications).

It's a sad horrible death. Eventually your lungs cannot bring in enough oxygen to sustain your body. At this point you face either basic suffocation or congestive heart failure or other non-wonderful deaths. The saddest point is the torture of struggling to breathe and not being able to.

Every day you don't smoke lessens your risk.

I don't ever discount how hard it is to quit. It's a real bitch. However it's much easier to quit than to face the end of your life attached to an oxygen bottle struggling for every.single.breath.

OK - y'all are safe til next year.......
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No I won't be at faire this weekend. The multiple tests they did on Mom supposedly showed a previous series of small strokes. I haven't been able to speak to the Dr. yet and Mom sometimes misses things so hopefully I'll know more later today.

She isn't paralyzed or anything like that. Currently she just has some left side weakness in her arm and leg. Obviously faire season is out for her this year and I'll start checking in advance about renting a scooter for her next year (yeah I can just see her driving THAT after a few ciders LOL). It's a shame to have her miss something she loves so much

They're letting her loose today and when I left her last night (after errand #3) she was bitching she couldn't go grocery shopping and couldn't go to Walmart today and of course that she couldn't go to faire either. Yeah that's The Wild Granny. Oh and [ profile] mistressfetch: Mom said have a cider for her (at least one) and she owes you a hug and a story swap over snake charmin Pentacostal Mothers (or Grandmas in her case). She also said to tell [ profile] marybrenna thanks for helping pass the word around. Maybe after faire season we'll have to do a get together at Piratz or something :)

Thanks for the good thoughts everyone. I think this was just more of a scare but frankly she needed to be more stabalized (in regards to her blood pressure) for a long time. Maybe this woke her doctor up as well.
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Barring illness, injury, or change in the weather The Wild Granny (aka Mom) will be attending faire festival this Sunday.

I figure we'll do what we did last year (courtesy of our lovely Captain [ profile] jingle_chelle) and just camp at the White Hart until Ma wears out. Anyone who wants to come by and say hi she really does miss you all so very much - especially the ones she missed last year *cough[ profile] mistressfetchcough*.

Now here's a question for the masses - if you have a faireever pass can you go in the regular gate? Mom doesn't have one because it's always a toss-up if she can go and then how often but we have them.

Meanwhile, see you then :)
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Opening day, next SATURDAY in fact, barring any unforseen complications, the Wild Granny (aka Granny LaLush aka MOM) will be at VARF. We all know how absolutely horrid the heat and humidity can be later in the season so this will probably be her only appearance.

I'll probably park her at the pub (nice central location - booze - good place to be LOL) early on and she'll hang out as long as she can manage.

If you want to come by and say HI I know she'd love that. She misses all of you guy soooo much.

No she probably won't make it back for pirate invasion. Mid June in MD (or VA in this case) is really not a good idea for people who have breathing issues.

See you then .......


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