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Is anyone familiar with Certified Payroll programs other than Quantum project manager?  On Quantum there is only spaces for cash, union, and fringe paid to an approved plan.

My problem is we have 2 approved plans.

A call to Quantum (which uses an access version which is no longer even supported by microsoft) told me that the fields could not be changed.  I suspected as much.

On the lighter side of life, I now have another fringe benefit plan to manage.  wheeeeeeee  at least it will look good on a resume cuz I ain't get nuthin in return here for it but the headaches of setting up a new plan.

Thanks !

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No really this isn't a pun - why can't people write where an an average person can read it?  I know they beat penmanship into our heads in school.  If it couldn't be read, it couldn't be graded.

Now?  I have people filling out job applications and I can't read the addresses.  Looking on the Driver's License is no help because 90% of the time that address is incorrect (or they don't have a DL they have a resident alien card).  

No this isn't about the Hispanics - I can at least READ their phoenetic spellings and can usually figure out where they mean (Birgena has to be the funniest though.  btw that translated into Virginia).  If I literally cannot read the writing HTF am I supposed to mail a check?

I know that is my biggest concern upon starting a new job - well not offending the boss by flipping him off in traffic is another concern (a story for another time folks) but making certain they know where to mail my freakin $$$$$.  C'mon folks.  Yes my son is one of the worst.

What is this world coming to when materialism isn't enough of a motivator to make sure it's correct and legible?


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