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::sigh::  so ok I'll post it on here and cross post.

Please remember that what I post on dreamwidth is public.   Just a caution and warning as it were.

So - my Keurig.  LOVE my new Keurig.  Don't love the price of the cups so we ordered the refillable ones from Amazon.  It's fast, easy, not difficult to use, and most importantly - EASY for Jon to use.

Found out WTF was up with me and bare escentuals.  Yes I first tried the knock off brand and it made my face red and very dry.  Tried the good brand and still same effect.  hmmmm.  So a friend of mine sells Mark and I tried their cream to powder mineral makeup.

You know where this is going right?  Yep - apparently it's the minerals.  whooopppeeeee.  This from a Covergirl wearer since 1979 and Noxema user since a couple of years ago when my facialist chewed me out because it was too harsh for my skin.  Back to the covergirl make up though I guess.

I get to train my newest boss today.  Insert blank look here.  At least maybe I'll have a backup for when I might want to take - oh I don't know - more than 2 days off at a time?

Still waffling on the tickets for MDRF.  I should just order the 9 day and be done with it I guess.  We have one wedding for certain to attend.  It makes me glad we didn't do the vow renewal we were going to.  Jon and I know we've been together almost 10 years (10 years in October) so I guess it's just vainglorious to blow our own trumpets.  heh  Blow.  heh

Catch y'all on the flipside.

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So the long awaited announcement was finally made: what price increases would we see at MDRF.

Per the MDRF Website:

Ticket Prices and Group Sales for 2011
At the Gate &

Also Available Online Beginning June 1

Groups (20-99) Groups (100+)
Adults (16-61) $19.00
2-Day Pass $28.00

Fairever Pass

9 Day Subscription - $81.00
6 Day Subscription - $60.00

Wow - what a price jump. It actually works well for us doing the 6 day pass. I feel sorry for the people who were planning on going every day - I say planning because I know a few will look at the cost and think maybe not.

I wonder what the thought process is though. The economy is still not great, gas prices are really high, and to see a $40.00 jump in faireever passes is odd. Mayhaps Caroline is hoping to weed out the regulars and bring in fresh blood? Mayhaps it's a way to keep the attendance down? Or maybe prices have just went up that much.

I can't complain since we were planning on curtailing our faire attendance anyway. We're doing the 6 day. Without themed days, other than Labor Day weekend, it will probably be more to the end of faire. I am concerned about other prices jumping 50%. Then again, mayhaps they wish for more bang for their buck.

Still for us - from a purely cost/benefit analysis - I think faire is coming to a sad end. It's too hard to get around. Prices are becoming outside of our means. I'm not fond of the newer music (however, at least now I can hear Barleyjuice). And the main reason to go - to see friends - may be going by the same wayside. I've read more than a few that will now be cutting down to 6 days or 9 days - no not in protest of Hack and Slash or The Rogues but rather because they simply cannot afford it anymore.

Sad. But all things come to an end. All things change and evolve.


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