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::sigh::  so ok I'll post it on here and cross post.

Please remember that what I post on dreamwidth is public.   Just a caution and warning as it were.

So - my Keurig.  LOVE my new Keurig.  Don't love the price of the cups so we ordered the refillable ones from Amazon.  It's fast, easy, not difficult to use, and most importantly - EASY for Jon to use.

Found out WTF was up with me and bare escentuals.  Yes I first tried the knock off brand and it made my face red and very dry.  Tried the good brand and still same effect.  hmmmm.  So a friend of mine sells Mark and I tried their cream to powder mineral makeup.

You know where this is going right?  Yep - apparently it's the minerals.  whooopppeeeee.  This from a Covergirl wearer since 1979 and Noxema user since a couple of years ago when my facialist chewed me out because it was too harsh for my skin.  Back to the covergirl make up though I guess.

I get to train my newest boss today.  Insert blank look here.  At least maybe I'll have a backup for when I might want to take - oh I don't know - more than 2 days off at a time?

Still waffling on the tickets for MDRF.  I should just order the 9 day and be done with it I guess.  We have one wedding for certain to attend.  It makes me glad we didn't do the vow renewal we were going to.  Jon and I know we've been together almost 10 years (10 years in October) so I guess it's just vainglorious to blow our own trumpets.  heh  Blow.  heh

Catch y'all on the flipside.

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This weekend we did our annual Memorial Day Weekend trek to The Virginia Renaissance Faire at Lake Anna, VA.   Sure from the Baltimore/DC/95 corridor, it's a bit of a trek but we've found it's worth it all told.
  • It's in some lovely woods with bright clearings if you're a sun worshipper.
  • The pub always has a good selection of libations whether you want cider, stout, light beer, or something else.
  • It's never *too* crowded.
  • Therefore the privvy's rarely get disgusting.
  • The pub has acts going constantly for whatever your pleasure.
  • Greyhounds and horses run for your viewing pleasure.
  • Her Majesty's Hounds.  A group of rescued greyhounds that not only provide information but are there for your petting pleasure.
  • Alpacas.  While not always easily petted, again information.
  • Friendly vendors.  We have vendors that remember us from year to year.
  • A nice selection of vendors, be it garb, shiney pretties, shoes, or other sundries.
  • Fun stuff for the kiddies.
  • Prices are very reasonable from the tickets to the food to the hard - and soft - drinks.
  • GATORADE.  A MUST when it's hot and humid as it can get in May/June in Virginia.
  • With it being still fairly small, if the kids get away from you, they're pretty easy to find.  It's reasonably safe to let the teens just roam - I mean where are they going to go? 
The lovely Meredith has done a wonderful job with this faire.  I remember when the staff outnumbered the guests on a 2:1 ratio.  Now?  Again it's not ever horribly crowded and there is still room to expand but it's obvious that other people have found this hidden treasure tucked into the woods down in Virginia.

All in all a wonderful time.  We would go more often if the drive wasn't so hard on Jon.  However even once a year it's definitely worth it.
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More specifically Clairol Natural Instincts.  it's been my go-to for haircolor off and on since I noticed more silver in my hair than I liked.

Problem was every time I found the right color they discontinued it.


I've been through 3.  Then I gave up for a year.  Then - noticing MORE silver, I decided to try again.

First color I found wouldn't ring up at the grocery store.

Second color I found wouldn't ring up at CVS because it was discontinued.

Raising my eyes to the fates and noticing I was the only one in the store at that ungodly time of the morning, I went and found an alternate - light golden brown.


It darkens the natural gold highlights in my hair but the base brown is spot ON.  Had the first or second choice rang up, they probably would be a bit lighter but this works.

This works.

Sidebets on it being discontinued when I go back eh?  Thankfully my hair is so many shades I can go from dark blonde to medium brown and nearly every color of bronze and auburn.
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Where do you get to the point where you will sacrifice your own personal opinions for the siren song of a fast buck?  Where saving money becomes more important than your personal viewpoints of the company?

Sadly I hit that this weekend.  I caved a shopped at Wal Mart.  OK it was Wal Mart dot Com but still ... it was WalMart.

I don't mind discount.  Nothing gives me the warm fuzzies faster than a good bargain.  However, WalMart's business practises have given me pause over recent years.  That coupled with the fact that our local store is an absolute dive (ok - I've seen dive bars cleaner - just sayin) and I quit shopping there.

Years passed.  My sports bras died.  My favorite Hanes capris (think yoga pants) died.

So I sucked it up and hit walmart dot com.  JUST for a couple of sets of capris and a couple of sports bras.

$50.00 later .............

I had 3 shelf-bra tanks, 3 sports bras and 3 pairs of capris.

I felt like I sold a piece of my soul for that mustard tank top though.  Did I need it?  not really.  Was it too cheap to pass up?


Lord help me when my favorite loafers die.  They were wal mart specials as well ..........
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Been a while since I updated this.  Since then, we've been trying to be more conscious about our shopping habits.

Enter Weis

Our local Weis out on Rt. 1 used to be a bit shabby.  Well more than a bit shabby - shabby enough we quit going.  However, with grocery prices skyrocketing, we thought we'd give it another shot.

Glad we did.

Our savings over Safeway is about $25.00/week and over Giant it is closer to $40.00/wk.  That is without coupons.

Granted some of this is being more conscious of our buying habits but still quite a savings.  Plus I do like their selection.  They don't have the southern foods that I'm so fond of, but I'll get over it.

Worth the drive each week.
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So the long awaited announcement was finally made: what price increases would we see at MDRF.

Per the MDRF Website:

Ticket Prices and Group Sales for 2011
At the Gate &

Also Available Online Beginning June 1

Groups (20-99) Groups (100+)
Adults (16-61) $19.00
2-Day Pass $28.00

Fairever Pass

9 Day Subscription - $81.00
6 Day Subscription - $60.00

Wow - what a price jump. It actually works well for us doing the 6 day pass. I feel sorry for the people who were planning on going every day - I say planning because I know a few will look at the cost and think maybe not.

I wonder what the thought process is though. The economy is still not great, gas prices are really high, and to see a $40.00 jump in faireever passes is odd. Mayhaps Caroline is hoping to weed out the regulars and bring in fresh blood? Mayhaps it's a way to keep the attendance down? Or maybe prices have just went up that much.

I can't complain since we were planning on curtailing our faire attendance anyway. We're doing the 6 day. Without themed days, other than Labor Day weekend, it will probably be more to the end of faire. I am concerned about other prices jumping 50%. Then again, mayhaps they wish for more bang for their buck.

Still for us - from a purely cost/benefit analysis - I think faire is coming to a sad end. It's too hard to get around. Prices are becoming outside of our means. I'm not fond of the newer music (however, at least now I can hear Barleyjuice). And the main reason to go - to see friends - may be going by the same wayside. I've read more than a few that will now be cutting down to 6 days or 9 days - no not in protest of Hack and Slash or The Rogues but rather because they simply cannot afford it anymore.

Sad. But all things come to an end. All things change and evolve.
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No not really.  Just bad business and bad customer service.

There is no reason on this earth why it should take minimum 36 hours to do a normal prescription refill.  Yet that's what it takes.

There is no reason on this earth why they cannot fill a prescription (emergency one at that) from a doctor's office for 12+ hours.  Yet that's what it takes.

There is no reason why - when my doctor calls in my refills - they cannot be found, then they are found, then they can't fill them, then oh yeah they're filled.

People please. 

The last time I had to have emergency prescription filled - prednisone and albuterol for the nebluizer because I had pneumonia and couldn't breathe -- yes it was over 12 hours.

No we didn't wait.  Tempting though.  Instead we did wait for about 1/2 hour and watched the pharmacist literally THROW the filled prescription bags into a waiting bin.  I saw a few bounce out and land on the floor.  Did she pick them up?


Eventually we gave up and went home.  Then we called about 2 hours later.  Supposedly they still didn't have my prescription even though I was there IN THE DOCTORS OFFICE when she sent the email.

I called again the next morning around 4 a.m.  Nope - still no prescription.

Called again about 6:30.  Why yes it's filled and marked "waiting".

Leads me to believe that it had been filled the night before and nobody wanted to look for it?  Or maybe there is a magic trick and when you call 3 times they decide to fill it?  Not certain, all I know is I nearly ended up in the ER that night because the steroids and nebulizer medication I desperately needed were MIA.

No More CVS. 

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Then finding I cannot find it anymore.  I really should have learned my lesson back when I thought at home hair color was a good idea.  Clairol taught me fairly quickly that as soon as I found  something I liked, it would be gone.  Determined to cover the gray, I think I had a different hair color every six weeks because I would purchase a color and never find it again.

Having made peace with the gray strands out of sheer frustration, I found mother nature had more nifty tricks up her sleeve:  namely that those hairs are curly.

So much for straight hair.

I finally found something that worked, worked well, and didn't wreck my hair.  Herbal Essences.  Yes it's Clairol and you would think I would remember but again, if you don't write it down it didn't happen.

Tousle Me Softly.  Purchased twice and couldn't find again.
Totally Twisted.  Purchased once and poof - disappear.  It wasn't a big loss, I found it sticky.
Body Envy.  Sometimes it's around and sometimes it's not.  Works in a pinch but not really what I wanted.

However, I did discover that amazon has this and so far so good - it's even cheaper with shipping and handling.

So there Clairol - foiled again.  Or until they discontinue the line.

My preference for thinning but still moderately wavy hair with quite a bit of body is the Tousle Me Softly line.  It's not heavy so it doesn't weigh your hair down.  The mousse holds without being stiff.  I can blow dry or just let it drip dry with similar results.  Limited frizz factor, curl but not too much, and I've found it gives me the messy windblown look that some women pay hundreds of dollars to get.

All for about $5.00/bottle.  Availability really varies though.  Amazon has it -- for now.

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Upon approaching my upper forty-somethinged year, I looked around and decided there was just too much junk that I neither used nor with which I was pleased. However, subscribing to the thought that if you didn't write it down it didn't happen, often I didn't write it down so I'd forget.

Lather Rinse Repeat.

This is simply my opinions on everything from books I've read to the horrors of shopping (which I loathe with a passion) to bad customer service. Good, bad, right, wrong, it will be exposed for what I think.

This is public.

If it's found it's found.
If it's read it's read.

Simple and easy to remember, unlike some of my better ideas.
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Is anyone familiar with Certified Payroll programs other than Quantum project manager?  On Quantum there is only spaces for cash, union, and fringe paid to an approved plan.

My problem is we have 2 approved plans.

A call to Quantum (which uses an access version which is no longer even supported by microsoft) told me that the fields could not be changed.  I suspected as much.

On the lighter side of life, I now have another fringe benefit plan to manage.  wheeeeeeee  at least it will look good on a resume cuz I ain't get nuthin in return here for it but the headaches of setting up a new plan.

Thanks !

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In another vintage Stephanie moment, apparently I -- once again -- lost my Apocalypse pin.  It's a pretty distinctive wooden pin/badge with the N,S,W,L directions.  Either it was leaping from the fear of fire (doubtful) or I need pin guards.  This one falls off frequently ... perhaps a bid for freedom?

Anyway, I probably lost it @ O'Shucks Sunday afternoon so if any of y'all happened across it can you keep it company and I'll get it from you this weekend?

Thanks !
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I know it will get easier.

I'm over the anger
I'm over the guilt (mostly)
I'm getting over the 'fragile' feeling
I'm slowly getting over the 'hollow' feeling.

Mostly now I'm just sad.

Such an underrated little word to explain such a profound feeling.


I know it will get easier with time.
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Early this afternoon, The Wild Granny parted ways with this plane of existence.

Last night she was taken to ER in respiratory distress. She never regained consciousness. As hard as it was to do (and it was) [ profile] pyllgrum and I respected her wishes and she was just made comfortable (with us by her side) until she finally passed.

As per her request, creamation will be effected (affected? bloody hell like I can think grammar NOW?) and no services are being held.

Please know she loved all of you so very much.
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for those who are playing at home ... )
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...for the ones that weren't guessed:

5. Here, let me give you one of my cards. Now if you should want to call me, use this number. This other one is the old number. -- This is the legendary Jimmy Stewart in my favorite movie of his - Harvey. Actually I think Harvey could easily be my favorite movie of that era. It just doesn't get much better. I love this quote :)

7. If you wanted to get me on my back, all you had to do was ask me. Ok this was a little bit of an obscure quote but it's still Jack Nicholson from Terms Of Endearment. If someone would've told me Shirley Maclaine and Jack Nicholson could create chemistry I would've scoffed. I also would've been wrong.

13. It's as if Perry and I grew up in the same house. And one day he stood up and went out the back door, while I went out the front. This would be the role that gained Phillip Seymore Hoffman an Oscar (a well deserved one) as Truman Capote in Capote. This is such a great line from that movie. If you've not seen it it really is a very good movie.

15. What are you gonna do? Dice me, slice me, or peel me? There are so many choices. How about Jim Carey in The Truman Show. The concept tickled me and I've seen this movie so many times I can recognize it from pretty much any scene or any piece of dialogue.

---ok so I'm outted - I'm a movie buff. I love movies and have since I was young. After I did this meme I thought about the great lines from Brigadoon, The African Queen, The Lion In Winter (I have a confession. I don't much like our children), What Dreams May Come, Airplane, Stir Crazy ... the list is endless. It doesn't matter if it's a really really bad movie (ala Howard the Duck with the dubious distinction of being on many Worst Movies of All Time list) or aa A list like Harvey; whether it's a new classic like Capote (if you've not seen it you should) or a not so A list like Blazzing Saddles - I love them all.

Now I need to go find a movies icon
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The Rules:
1. Pick 15 of your favorite movies.
2. Go to IMDb and find a quote from each movie.
3. Post them here for everyone to guess.
4. Strike it out when someone guesses correctly, and put who guessed it and the movie.
5. NO GOOGLING/using IMDb search functions.

1. Step on the same foot at the same time. My tits are falling off. History of the World Part I [ profile] pyllgrum

2. When I drink whiskey, I drink whiskey; and when I drink water, I drink water. The Quiet Man [ profile] mistressfetch

3. You can say what you want. It's always the guy in my job that ends up doing 18 months in Danbury minimum security prison. The American President ([ profile] pyllgrum via phone)

4. Is that a ten-gallon hat, or are you just enjoying the show? Blazing Saddles [ profile] pyratelady

5. Here, let me give you one of my cards. Now if you should want to call me, use this number. This other one is the old number.

6. If God had wanted us to fly he wouldn't have taken away our wings. Howard The Duck [ profile] fireyirishangel

7. If you wanted to get me on my back, all you had to do was ask me.

8. I can arrange that. You could use a good kiss. The Empire Strikes Back [ profile] crystalsage

9. Anyone who isn't dead or from another plane of existence would do well to cover their ears right about now. Dogma [ profile] pyratelady

10. Five schillings for the possessed toy. Shrek [ profile] mistressfetch

11. I can't imagine being older than 22. I've no experience at it. I know it's not 1926. I just need it to be. Awakenings [ profile] pyratelady

12. I swore 37 times in the last month. I said the 'f-word' a couple of times, but it was mostly 'shit's and 'bastard's. Is 'douche bag' a curse? Signs [ profile] crystalsage

13. It's as if Perry and I grew up in the same house. And one day he stood up and went out the back door, while I went out the front.

14. We're all very different people. We're not Watusi, we're not Spartans, we're Americans. With a capital "A", huh? And you know what that means? Do you? That means that our forefathers were kicked out of every decent country in the world. We are the wretched refuse. We're the underdog. We're mutts. Stripes [ profile] crystalsage

15. What are you gonna do? Dice me, slice me, or peel me? There are so many choices
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yes this is early -- I usually reserve this for March 24th but The Wild Granny may not be around then so you're getting it early

For those of you who have successfully quit smoking recently I applaud you. I'd name names but I'd miss someone. Just know I am so very proud of all of you. It's tough. Double tough. I know --- I quit March 24, 2002 and haven't looked back since.

For those of you who still choose to smoke, I feel honorbound by our friendship/acquaintance to let you know what you're in for: COPD, Emphysema, Lung Cancer.

I know first hand about COPD. I lost my grandfather's brother that way. I cared for other geriatrics who met their end through COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), we lost [ profile] pyllgrum's mother that way.

We are losing The Wild Granny from COPD and Emphysema (and other complications).

It's a sad horrible death. Eventually your lungs cannot bring in enough oxygen to sustain your body. At this point you face either basic suffocation or congestive heart failure or other non-wonderful deaths. The saddest point is the torture of struggling to breathe and not being able to.

Every day you don't smoke lessens your risk.

I don't ever discount how hard it is to quit. It's a real bitch. However it's much easier to quit than to face the end of your life attached to an oxygen bottle struggling for every.single.breath.

OK - y'all are safe til next year.......
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or in this case just the highlights:

Went to the gym today.  

~~ My personal trainer  is very nice.
~~I am woefully out of shape
~~30 minutes on the eliptical and ouch OUCH
~~I have a tenative 6 day a week schedule -- weight+ cardio on odd days, cardio only on even days
~~this doesn't start until NEXT Wednesday as I caused a near panic attack when my heart rate hit 167 and kept climbing
~~for the rest of the week I just do the cardio machines so my heart rates doesn't do THAT again.
~~yes I said I was out of shape *sigh*

Long story short:  I used to be in shape prior to moving to MD, livin the good life, and stopping smoking.  Now?  wellllllll  it can be fixed and it will be fixed.
IMHO the  personal trainer is worth it.

Now for the disclaimer:  I will be placing these posts under a wls/fitness filter.  If you're interested -- and it will be boring as whaleshit I promise you -- let me know and I'll put you on the filter.  If you think watching paint dry could be more fun?  yeah I agree but I gotta track it somehow.  If you're already on the filter I'll just keep you on.

btw - I checked Curves first but their hours in Maryland City are wonky.  Thanks again to  

[profile] hthottie   for suggesting Golds. 



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I mentioned this as a comment on [ profile] sweetpea86's post

Last night I went to pick [ profile] pyllgrum up at the airport. I was waiting for him outside the security area on Concourse D - basically out of the pathway but close enough I could see him come out. I was on the escalator side. On the other side was a family congregated on and around the seats. For reasons unknown to me, one of the parents thought it might be ok to let her toddlers play in the walkway. One was possibly about 4 - first time he was nearly tripped over he moved back out of the way. The other one - young enough to still be using a sippy cup - was happily playing right in the main path. Where was Mom? She had her back turned to the entire situation (though other family members could *possibly* see) and was having a rousing conversation with her companions.

I kept waiting for a flight attendant to turn it into security. I tend to avoid security/TSA @ BWI as much as possible (that's a story for another time) so I didn't interefere. No I didn't bring it to 'mother's'
attention either because frankly if the entire family can't see the issue, me pointing it out wasn't going to help. The youngest was still planted in the way when [ profile] pyllgrum got off the plane. He had *just* missed a toddler girl (from a different family) escape and run the wrong way through security.

What happened to parents watching their children? [ profile] sweetpea86 mentioned people who leave their kids just at the checkoutstand and walk away to get something


What is this world coming to?
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-or- if someone on her friends list wishes to ping her for me?

I didn't know if you have this one or not -- it's just toooo cute.

Yes I *am* avoiding work by cruising for avatars *snicker*


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