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No not really.  Just bad business and bad customer service.

There is no reason on this earth why it should take minimum 36 hours to do a normal prescription refill.  Yet that's what it takes.

There is no reason on this earth why they cannot fill a prescription (emergency one at that) from a doctor's office for 12+ hours.  Yet that's what it takes.

There is no reason why - when my doctor calls in my refills - they cannot be found, then they are found, then they can't fill them, then oh yeah they're filled.

People please. 

The last time I had to have emergency prescription filled - prednisone and albuterol for the nebluizer because I had pneumonia and couldn't breathe -- yes it was over 12 hours.

No we didn't wait.  Tempting though.  Instead we did wait for about 1/2 hour and watched the pharmacist literally THROW the filled prescription bags into a waiting bin.  I saw a few bounce out and land on the floor.  Did she pick them up?


Eventually we gave up and went home.  Then we called about 2 hours later.  Supposedly they still didn't have my prescription even though I was there IN THE DOCTORS OFFICE when she sent the email.

I called again the next morning around 4 a.m.  Nope - still no prescription.

Called again about 6:30.  Why yes it's filled and marked "waiting".

Leads me to believe that it had been filled the night before and nobody wanted to look for it?  Or maybe there is a magic trick and when you call 3 times they decide to fill it?  Not certain, all I know is I nearly ended up in the ER that night because the steroids and nebulizer medication I desperately needed were MIA.

No More CVS. 

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