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Then finding I cannot find it anymore.  I really should have learned my lesson back when I thought at home hair color was a good idea.  Clairol taught me fairly quickly that as soon as I found  something I liked, it would be gone.  Determined to cover the gray, I think I had a different hair color every six weeks because I would purchase a color and never find it again.

Having made peace with the gray strands out of sheer frustration, I found mother nature had more nifty tricks up her sleeve:  namely that those hairs are curly.

So much for straight hair.

I finally found something that worked, worked well, and didn't wreck my hair.  Herbal Essences.  Yes it's Clairol and you would think I would remember but again, if you don't write it down it didn't happen.

Tousle Me Softly.  Purchased twice and couldn't find again.
Totally Twisted.  Purchased once and poof - disappear.  It wasn't a big loss, I found it sticky.
Body Envy.  Sometimes it's around and sometimes it's not.  Works in a pinch but not really what I wanted.

However, I did discover that amazon has this and so far so good - it's even cheaper with shipping and handling.

So there Clairol - foiled again.  Or until they discontinue the line.

My preference for thinning but still moderately wavy hair with quite a bit of body is the Tousle Me Softly line.  It's not heavy so it doesn't weigh your hair down.  The mousse holds without being stiff.  I can blow dry or just let it drip dry with similar results.  Limited frizz factor, curl but not too much, and I've found it gives me the messy windblown look that some women pay hundreds of dollars to get.

All for about $5.00/bottle.  Availability really varies though.  Amazon has it -- for now.


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