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Trust me, on this one I can use any and all opinions but since it's a bit creepy I"ll understand if everyone avoids it.

Mom keeps asking me if 'someone' has put my Dad's obit in the paper in Oklahoma (The Newkirk Paper and the Ponca City News - towns he had lived in prior to moving to Nevada).  I keep telling her no.

~~a little backstory in case you missed it:  when my cousin (his sister's daughter) died very unexpectedly in November, his sister asked me to call him.  Much to my surprise my step mother blurts out that he had died the previous April.  None of his family knew other than her - she had told no one.   [profile] pyllgrum   found his obit in the Nevada paper where they lived when he died.~~

OK so that's out of the way (and yes I'm still bitter).  Anyway, obviously his sister has put nothing in the local papers back home, his widow certainly didn't (otherwise we might've found out when it actually happened instead of 6 months and another tragedy later) and of course I haven't.

Do I have an obligation I'm missing?  For the record I'm his only known child.  I mean the man didn't really dis-like me, didn't really like me either.  I was this creature who called him Dad when we spoke.  He *did* have friends and relatives back home - the same relatives I have truth be told.  I've been waiting on his sister to do it (mustn't step on delicate protocol toes) but she hasn't either.  The person who could've advised me on this is the cousin who died in November .....

Thoughts?  Anyone?  Should I?  and if so how the in the hell do you delicately put an obit in that mentions he died in April of 2006?  

Yeah, my life - always a circus, rarely boring ......


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