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... either that or I have.

We adopted Sasha around a year ago. She was 1 1/2 years old (approximately) and had just had kitten and her papers *say* she was spayed.

ahhh therein lies the issue. For reasons known only to her - and she ain't tellin - she acts like she's in season ever 28 -30 days. She cries, she obsessively marks things, she *has* sprayed but only a few times (the squirt bottle stopped that for the most part) and she chases my two fixed boys around who look at me like 'what the hell was THAT?'. She has even tried to back under Sebastian (who was really confused). We've found if we pet her at all during this time it just makes it so much worse.

So - I call my vet. I attempt to explain this. I get dead silence on the other end .... She's going to call me back after speaking to the doctor to see if this is even possible.

All I know for certain is one of us needs prozac BAD (and I'm beginning to wonder if it's the cat)
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beware - kitties inside )
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Name change:

After nearly a week of the cat giving me this strange look when I called her Penelope we decided she 's probably more of a Sasha.

She doesn't come to that but she doesn't look like someone forced castor oil down her throat either.

I had to promise this was the last name change (and the only really).

On a funny note - she really ties the animals in the house together. She is the only one that gets along very well with all of them...even my mother's anti social manx cross who doesn't even like himself most times.

She truly was a gift.


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