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if I ever forgive yahoo I'll repost this over there. don't hold your breath though

First off this is not a blatant suck up attempt. I save my suck up efforts for the ever lovely (and courteous) Madame [ profile] sweetpea86 and her magic clavicles. You ROCK m'dear.

Ok on to the point of this (of which there is one somewhere ... I promise). For the first time in the 5 years I've been going to faire festival, I watched [ profile] thatliardiego's show. Yes I have made no bones over the fact that I go to faire festival pretty much strictly for the music. I've not seen Johnny Fox, Hack and Slash (cept from a distance) and will only go out of my way to see Puke and Snot. Heck I flirt with O unmercifuly (hey if you can't flirt with a mime ....) but I usually only watch his show once every couple of years. Music has always been my first, best love from faire - even more than beer (shocking ain't it?)

Having said that - I found myself so very pleasantly surprised at how much I frickin laughed Sunday at Dinty the Moor (which btw I just caught the pun on Sunday - yes I'm slow like that). It's a funny show. I like subtle humour - the type that makes you go 'he didn't really really say that did he?' and I love watching the audience be fucked with involved. The bit with the rope was priceless.

Thank you [ profile] thatliardiego for such a pleasant surprise and some much needed giggles.
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If it's been posted somewhere else and I missed it oops but I don't remember seeing it.  Anyway it appears it's going to cost an extra $10.00 to party at Revel Grove all season this year

At the GateGroups (20-99)Groups (100+)
Adults (16-61)
Seniors (62+)
Child (7-15)*
$ 8.00$ 7.00$ 7.00
2-Day Pass
Fairever Pass

Don't get me wrong - in the grand scheme it's still a bargain ....
(oh the table above was taken from )


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